The Ishmaels

The name Ishmael has been around a long time.  I was born and raised in the sand hills of Northeast Oklahoma; I can remember listening to the Grand ole Opry on a battery radio. (I guess that statement ages me).  From the time I was a young man I entered the world of secular music and played in bars, clubs, and dance halls all across America.  My wife and I accepted the Lord in 1967 and my life and my music changed. Janis and I met in a night club in Tulsa Oklahoma and we never dreamed for a moment we would wind up in the ministry. But that is what happened. We entered the pastoral scene for a combined total of 35 years. Today finds us back in gospel Music. Our heart is still in the ministry. We have not found a place to quit. We sing because we believe in the music and that God is at the forefront our ministry. If the Holy Ghost anoints the music, great things can be accomplished.