David House

I am a blessed man!   We moved to Lubbock, Texas from Boise City, Oklahoma in 1956.   Dad had hard luck wheat farming there.   He started a small business in Lubbock and raised his family there.   I am in between two sisters, Mae the oldest and Dorothy the younger.   I had very loving parents.   They made great sacrifices to see that we kids had what we needed.   Seems like youth was just a wisp of time.   In 1964, Barbara and I married really young.   An unusual fact is that Barbara and I are exactly the same age.   We were born on the same day, me in the early morning, and she in the afternoon.   I had not a clue about adult life, but she seemed to be able to keep things going.
In 1966 our daughter Traci was born.   I was a kid raising a kid.   In 1971 our son Monty came along.   I know he felt like he had two mothers, because his sister thought that she was the mom.   She dealt him much sorrow.
In the early 1980s I was able to spend some time in Nashville.   In 1982 I had two records in the top 100 billboard charts.   I could see that I had a decision to make, pursue the music career and take a chance on losing a family or go home.
I sold all of the music equipment I had, except for a J-50 Gibson guitar. I worked at different jobs and finally started a small service business of my own.   I never regreted the decision I made.   I love my little family very much and I know that they love me.
I never thought I needed anything to do with God.   I would send my kids and wife to church, but didn’t need it.   However, when I was 45 years old, after a series of personal encounters, which I knew was God, I met Jesus in a motel room after stumbling onto a Christian T.V. channel.   I was radically changed that night.
Though my wife had prayed for me all those years, she didn’t know what to think of this new me.   After awhile we settled into our new lives, together in Christ.
I got out the old J-50 Gibson and began learning songs about the Lord.   Then I started writing down some songs that were floating around in my spirit.   Finally, I was fortunate to get to record and offer these C.D.s.   I am a blessed man!