Buddy & Ina Gore

Buddy & Ina Gore
Psalm 100 – The Joyful Noise

Buddy and Ina Gore believes that music is one of the few things in life that can cross all boundaries. For 35 years, “Making a Joyful noise unto the Lord,” and presenting the Gospel in song and testimony to the concert attendee is a number one priority. Also, having sensitivity to the needs of the Church, gives them the ability to minister in all denominations as they show respect to the members and their mode of worship. Christ is the focal point of Buddy and Ina’s ministry with the message that, in Christ, there is hope for the hopeless, forgiveness for the un-forgiven, peace in the midst of the storm and salvation for the lost. And even though their style of music has changed from Southern to a more Country style, the name is changing to “Buddy and Ina Gore” and the group has changed from a full band to a duo – their message of their music has not changed!

The ongoing purpose is to make Christian music concerts available to any church, any size. Many small churches cannot afford to bring in a national, full time group, but still have a need for Christian concerts for their member’s enjoyment and uplifting. Buddy and Ina feel this is a part of their ministry – to go into the highways and byways bringing the message of hope of God’s love, grace and forgiveness that leads people to be saved.
Buddy and Ina / Psalm 100 have recorded 5 projects. (1) Traveling On (cassette) (2) That I Might Live (cassette) (3) With Fixed Hearts” (cassette) (4) “The First Song I Sing” (CD) “Let It Rain On Me” (CD) and the current release “The Journey” engineered and produced by Mike McClain at the McClain Recording Studio in Garland and mastered by Crystal Clear Studio in Dallas.
Associational Memberships include; ICGMA, SGMA of Texas, GMAA, BMI, ASCAP, Texas Music on Line. Psalm 100 has been on stage or opened for such well known artists such as; The Blackwood Quartet; the Hinson’s; Happy Goodman’s; Statesmen; Gold City; The Martin’s; 3 Bridges; The Gabbard’s; the Tally’s; the Greene’s; Phil Cross and many others. Additionally, produced a monthly event that featured many national and regional Southern and Country gospel artists.
Honors include:
 Southern Gospel Music Association of Texas: Youth Male Vocalist, Youth Musician
 International Christian Country Music Association: “Gold Cross Award Band of the
Year”, “Group of the Year”, “Mr. Gospel Music” and most recently the “Joe Paul Nichols Lifetime Achievement Award.”
 Gospel Music Artists Association: Song of the Year, Band of the Year, Promoter of the Year.”
 Hopkins County Fall Festival: 30 year anniversary of the “Gospel SongFest.”
 4 Songs have been in the Top 40 Charts of Christian Voice Magazine (country) and Christian Servant.
 Has a song currently in the top 40 downloads from MusictoRadio.com.
 Ina was named “Ms Hopkins Senior Classic 2012” and represented Hopkins County in the 2012 Texas State pageant in August. (Just another opportunity to represent Jesus Christ)

Buddy and Ina: We are thanking the Lord for these honors. Thanks to our peers and fans and to God be the Glory for honoring Psalm 100 with your support and recognition. Finding favor with God is the ultimate in recognition but finding favor with man encourages us to continue to make a Joyful Noise.

Buddy & Ina Gore / Psalm 100 – The Joyful Noise
Ina Gore, founder of the Psalm 100 band, grew up with a musical family in Hugo, Oklahoma singing in church with her Mother and 2 younger sisters. PSALM 100 was organized in 1979.
Buddy Gore, co-founder grew up in Campbell, Texas, plays rhythm guitar, drives the bus and is main talker!
We reside in Sulphur Springs, Texas (Northeast Texas) – have 3 boys and 1 girl and brag about 12 Grandkids – 15 Great-Grand kids and 2 Great-Great Grand! Getting older – but still going strong!
We do write some of our music – published thru Ps100 Publishing (BMI) and Fixed Hearts Publishing (ASCAP)
Top 20 Charting songs we wrote include:
“Let It Rain On Me”
“Price Of Freedom”
“30 Brave Men”
“Just Might Be Going Home Today”
“He’ll Never Leave Me Alone”
“Lay Your Heartaches at the Foot of The Cross”

Since we no longer travel with a live band “Psalm 100” – we have changed our image somewhat and are now using the stage name of “Buddy and Ina Gore.” i.e.: Buddy and Ina Gore of Psalm 100 until it sticks.