The Waymasters

For over 30 years the Waymasters have been making music for the Lord. Originally from the mountains of North Carolina, the Waymasters have grown from small town, local church favorites to one of the most popular southern and country gospel music groups in the country. Critically dubbed, “Smoky Mountain Gospel,” the group has been described by a popular, Florida DJ as the offspring that would exist between the union of the Oak Ridge Boys and the Eagles. A surprising but proper description that reflects how the group successfully fuses home grown, mountain music and their celebrated vocals with counter melodies and background arrangements reminiscent of the great vocal bands of the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. Thus producing a unique cross section in which every genre of gospel music can be heard. From mountain gospel to southern gospel, from country gospel to traditional gospel it all lives in the sound of the Waymasters.

Their humble approach and Spirit filled vocals have propelled the Waymasters to the front of the country gospel charts and helped earn them major gospel music honors. Since 2009, The Waymasters have consistently been awarded ‘Band of the Year,’ ‘Song of the Year,’ and ‘Artist of the Year.’ In 2017 alone they have been recipients of ‘Favorite Country Gospel Group’ in the 2017 Gospel Music Fan Awards and not one but two ICGMA Awards – ‘Group of the Year’ and ‘Bluegrass Artist of the Year.’

These latest accolades come fresh on the heels of last year’s record-breaking success. Their CD entitled, “Smoky Mountain Gospel, Vol. 2” became the most successful charting album in history. The album racked up its sixth #1 single, surpassing secular iconic artists Michael Jackson, Rodney Crowell, Brad Paisley and Katy Perry who each had five #1 singles from the same respective albums. Additionally, the album produced three #2 hits and one #9 hit – making all ten releases national top ten hits, with nine in the top five.

In addition to radio airplay, The Waymasters can be seen on popular TV programs like “Great American Gospel,” “American Gospel Onstage,” and “Great American Bluegrass” and others.

As part of the celebrated western North Carolina group of gospel entertainers which include groups like The Kingsmen, The Primitive Quartet, The Inspirations and others, the Waymasters continue to uphold the high standards set my these groups and others in honoring our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ through songs of praise to Him.

Known around the country for the unmistakable, harmonies of tenor Tim Reynolds, bass vocalist Tommy Frizsell, lead singer Darrell Frizsell and the riveting musicianship of guitarist and baritone vocalist, Chewie McMahan, the group is consistently striving to uplift the Lord in all the ways they can. The Waymasters were founded on their love for God and each other, and it’s on that foundation they continue. Fans attending a concert with the Waymasters can expect an energetic, Spirit filled show with lots of laughter and moving moments. The acoustic music made by this group will inspire the young musician who wonders what they can do for God while the vocal arrangements will lift the heart. A Waymasters concert is a Spirit filled journey of upbeat vocal charms and soul stirring ballads. Expect to laugh, expect to cry, but most importantly, expect God!

The Lord has lifted The Waymasters from humble mountain beginnings to one of the most successful charting Gospel artists of all time. The group explains, “We tried a lot of different things to be what we thought we should be or what the churches where we played thought we should be. But it wasn’t until we started doing what WE do for our Lord that He began to bless us as He has. We had to learn that God didn’t want us doing what others do or what others expected us to do, we had to do for Him what WE do. We use the gifts He gave us to honor and uplift Him. We hope and pray that anyone who hears our music is, in some way, touched by the Spirit.”

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