More About Me

Just a little about the business side of me

*2017 Gospel Music Fan Awards – Promoter Of The Year
*2017 ICGMA Gold Cross Award – Promoter Of The Year

Been nominated for many others

It all started when my husband, Tiny came across Perry Edge. He is the president of Double E Promotions. He asked him if I had a job anywhere and at the time I didn’t. He asked me if I would like to work for him doing some promotional calls. I said sure I will try. So I worked with Double E Promotions for 3 1/2 years. I quit and got my GED because it was something I was wanting to do for a long time just didn’t do it.
Then in early 2013, I got a call from MCM World Media asking if I would like to do any promotional work for him. I said sure. I missed it so much.  Little did I know, a while goes by and I would be working on my own. I had the opportunity to be out there as Jessica Huddleston Promotions. I teamed up with Canyon Creek Records for a while. I was an independent promotion company. Now I have branched out to make a compilation disc of my own. So I can get the music out there and promote it all together. I love what I get to do. It’s what my calling is. I am very humbled to get to own a promotion company and be part of the huge fantastic Christian family out there. I am very humbled and Blessed to received this year 2017 Promoter Of The Year Awards. I was very shocked and speechless. I heard a good many people said that they never heard me not have anything to say but those were two times I was. I thank my awesome God for allowing me to do this, my awesome husband who is behind me 100% of whatever I want to do, and everyone else that help me along the way, as far as voting for me or letting me promote their music. I am so graciously humbled and I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me. Thanks again.